Sometimes Church is Painful

Yesterday was a sad one. Let me say that usually I love going to church, love the music, love knowing that God is there. But yesterday, maybe I wasn’t feeling at my best, but something hit me like a ton of bricks. We had our usual children’s time and it was great to see all of the kids. Our church is really growing. So, the lady in charge beginning asking the children what it meant to be “weird, strange, unique” and the kids were quite nice and granted they were in church. Then something hit me, it was like my son, who is now 20 something, was back in elementary school, but these kids were not kind, not even close. I know they were just kids, but the pain a mom can go through is just earth-shaking. As the tears began seeping out of my eyes, I knew I had to leave before breaking into an “ugly cry”. So, I left went home, but the whole day, it stuck with me, and while she was saying it was O K to be different, for some people, it is painful, it is filled with sorrow. I flashed back to the day I went to pick up my son when he was in second grade. We knew he had problems, possible ADHD, but couldn’t get the right diagnosis. Parents had to wait behind the fence until their children met them. This day, he was late. I headed onto the school grounds. There he stood, frozen, arms down on his side, as two boys kicked and hit him. He couldn’t move. Those flashbacks are painful, like a deep cut, and I know the boys were little, but when would this ever by O K? Anyway, I’m giving thanks today, that most of his school years had kids who cared, girls who mothered him, and while I know there was teasing and taunting while I wasn’t there, I have to let go of a lot of it.
So, next Sunday will be better, I know it. God takes care of his own, kids on the playground and moms in church.
Have a great Monday, new day, new opportunities!!

Ten Blessings of Autism

Someone who has autism was sent here for a reason, and it comes easily for them. While I may wonder what my overall purpose and calling in this life is and search daily, my son glides through life. God knew he would show kindness, a humble spirit like no other, a sharing and friendly personality, never judging, and he would never hold a grudge. Sure, he has his difficulties, but overall, he is a teacher, a messenger from God. Angels will welcome him home one day and all the difficulties of this earth will just be a minuscule part of eternity.
So today, God sent me a messenger and for that I stand back from all the hardships and sorrows, and say “Thank You”, you knew me, you knew I could be strong. You had so much to teach me.
Happy Wednesday!!

Monday Motivation

Finding God Daily:

Going to the gym Monday through Friday, working with a trainer, following a food plan. This is all out war on feeling sluggish and being unhealthy!!

Originally posted on Robin Luthi:

If the dance of the run isn’t fun then discover another dance, because without fun the good of the run is undone, and a suffering runner always quits, sooner or later.

Make exercise fun, do an activity that brings you pleasure and joy.

Evolved individuals

Avoid extremes,

Avoid extravagance,

Avoid excess.

– Tao Te Ching, No. 29

Make exercise a habit.

Image source:  NASM

Image source: NASM


Al Huang, C. & Lynch, J (1992).  Thinking Body Dancing Mind: Tao Sports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business, and Life. New York, NY: Bantam Books.

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